Brief  History of Faculty of Chemistry

The Chemistry Department was one of the first five departments started during the year1997when Bu-Ali Sina University was founded. After that the chemistry faculty formed since 2005.  At the present time faculty of chemistry offers B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D Chemistry Courses with Analytical, Applied, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry as specializations. The 27 faculty academic members are dealing with teaching and research in various topics. Roughly 250 ISI articles have been published in the reputed international Journals per year. The Chemistry Faculty maintains the sophisticated instruments for analysis.

The following area already have been concerned as Ph.D research topics in various groups:

a. Analytical Chemistry:

Sensors and Bio-Sensors, Engineering electrode Chemistry, Trace analysis, Environmental treatment,  Water& waste water treatment.

b. Applied Chemistry:

Extraction, Water treatment, Liquid – liquid equilibria, Interfacial tension.

c. Inorganic Chemistry:

Mricrocyclic compounds, Mricroacyclic compounds, Inorganic synthesis, Cluster chemistry, Theoretical chemistry.

d. Organic Chemistry:

Organic synthesis, Catalyst, Heterocycle chemistry, Conductive polymers.

e. Physical Chemistry:

Surface chemistry, Thermodynamic of solutions, Bio-electrode chemistry, Statistical thermodynamics, Chemical kinetics.

Dean of Faculty

Prof. H. Iloukhani

همدان، چهارباغ شهید مصطفی احمدی روشن، دانشگاه بوعلی سینا کد پستی: 65178-38695 تلفن: +98-81-38381601-10 فکس: 081-38380633

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